Every one of us has some physical or mental aspect that we need help with, and she has this uncanny ability to find what our weaknesses are, and turn them in to strengths.
— S. Stevens
She works with the body, spirit and mind and is always looking for new ways to improve each aspect of our being. All of the other teachers use Mimi’s way of instruction so one is always assured of being in good hands.
— H. Rousso
You can continually discover something new and learn more about your ever-changing body. I like Mimi’s ‘whol-istic’ approach which will often incorporate the Pilates discipline with other body work methods she has studied. It is an added benefit which helps to stimulate and balance ones body, mind and spirit. I love the imagery that Mimi will communicate to help you ‘get it’.
— S. Toshiyuki
She works generously with every individual at every level — young, old, novice, experienced or with physical limitations.
— S. Toshiyuki
Her enthusiasm and passion for life exist in her classes...and her dedication in wanting to help people comes thru in the clearest and most honest of ways.
— G. Neuwirth
When you take her Pilates classes she watches you like a hawk, correcting you when you slip back into old habits. Her way of teaching is sensible, compassionate and fun.
— N. Griffith
I always walk out of there feeling two inches taller...My body more aligned...More empowered than with any other work I am doing.
— A. Nathanson
At 77 I feel that my biggest regret is not having Mimi’s physical insights and practices as a youth.
— B. Bengston
Pilates has made sense of my athleticism. I now understand the how and why of my movements. When I run or swim or spin/bike, I know how to control, correct, open up my musculature. I can go ‘inside’ my work out. For someone who has been an athlete for most of her life, this is pure joy. I thank Mimi for creating this state of mind and body. With Mimi, growth never ends.
— W. Bengston
Mimi’s work at BodyArt Pilates is “Transformational.”

I am a dancer and tap dance teacher. I have always worked out and thought I was in good shape, but there was a part of me that knew something was missing. I had wanted to do Pilates for years and had been searching for the right place. The moment I opened the gate and entered Mimi’s BodyArt Pilates, saw her exquisite patio and studio, felt the sea breeze, and breathed in the peace and beauty of the vortex she created, I knew I was home.

Then the work began...the real work, connecting the breath to every movement of the body, correcting alignment, building true strength and health. Mimi’s knowledge of every part of the human anatomy, her knowledge of Dance, Yoga, Nutrition and Meditation and what she puts forth as a teacher is extraordinary. She is a true healer and a healer by movement.

I have been with Mimi for more than two years now. I have gained fluidity as a dancer, my body is healthy from eating the right food, and I have gained tremendous strength and endurance from her teachings of breathing, yoga, and pilates. I have greater vision from using the body meditations she teaches. I am honored to be her student and absorb her endless knowledge. If you are looking for “transformation” in your, body, mind, soul and life, this is the place to be
— C.Chazan