BodyArt is
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what is BodyArt?


This unique exercise program, developed by Mimi Wilheim, is based on her experience as a professional dancer and a pilates teacher and yoga practitioner. With the use of sophisticated equipment, such as the Universal Reformer, these exercises re-educate your body to use its optimum strength without creating tension. By using an integration of Body Awareness Yoga (Iyengar) and props, it is especially invigorating and productive, in respect to the Pilates work. It is a full mind & body connection.


What can it do for you?


Mimi's BodyArt is designed to give you quick results in a safe and long-lasting way. You will feel changes fast: a flatter belly, well-toned hips and legs, sculptured arms and chest. The exercises are geared toword stretching and improving alignment, with an emphasis on flattening and strengthening the abdominal muscles. Each exercise provides deep skeletal support as well as an understanding of the breath through movement, which will assist you in stabilizing and strengthening your core.


Who can benefit from it?


BodyArt can be beneficial for everyone, from athletes to non-athletes, from young people to older people. Mimi's BodyArt work will change your mind about exercise. By promoting overall fitness, this program helps prevent, as well as heal, injuries safely and effectively.